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Our mission is to responsibly produce quality apparel and humorous content intended to cultivate children’s interest in healthy eating and to donate a percentage of our profits to organizations dedicated to improving the nutritional health of children. 

It's difficult to think of two things that bring people more joy than laughing hard and eating well. However, throughout the world and in our own communities there are children who are not able to access adequate nutrition and an even larger number that lack an education in healthy eating.

That, of course, is no laughing matter.


If only there were a way to have a few laughs and support poorly fed children.


Freelie and Berrio is a creative content and ethical clothing company that seeks to leverage lighthearted style to bring healthy food and nutritional education to children in need by funding like minded charitable organizations with a percentage of our profits.

If you know of an organization doing this type of important work that aligns with our mission and could use our support, please reach out to us and share their information, at


So who is Freelie? And who is Berrio??


When the owner was a small child, she had a wild imagination... complete with 2 groups of people: The Freelies and The Berrios.  Since these people had their own language, it was important to her that her brother (5 years older) learned their language.  He would lovingly and patiently learn 7 words every night and repeat them the next morning, the ultimate display of sibling love and respect.  This company strives to create love, laughter, and respect in everything that we do... from the way we produce our clothing to the charitable give back intended to further the health of children.